Publishers Edition – For people who aren't programmers – an application for creating, navigating, mapping, and distributing multi-dimensional data sets with ease

Beyond 20/20 Publisher’s Edition allows people who aren’t programmers to easily create multi-dimensional data tables. With it, users create two types of Beyond 20/20 files:

  • Multi-dimensional tables (.IVT), for navigating large data sets with ease
  • Micro-data extract files (.IVX), for distributing survey data and/or creating tables from a large list of variables

Product Highlights

  • Uses a database file (.DBF), comma-separated value (.CSV) file, or a flat file (such as .TXT) — which may have been exported from an environment such as SAS — as its source
  • Creates compact multidimensional or micro-data files that can contain data, metadata, and maps for easy sharing and distribution
  • Includes the Integrator’s Builder utility which automates data preparation

Complementary Tools

Publisher’s Edition produces a Beyond 20/20 multi-dimensional table (.IVT) or extract (.IVX) that can be viewed and manipulated online using the Web Data Server, or on the desktop with our Professional Browser.

Web Data Server – An online application for publishing multi-dimensional data, so you can give your clients the information they want, when they want it

Proffessional Browser – A desktop application for viewing, charting, mapping and analyzing data that you can print, save and export

Data Connection Wizard – A powerful tool for creating multi-dimensional data sets and data cubes directly from source databases

Add-on or standalone tools that make it easier to prepare and distribute complex data.

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