Perspective delivers dynamic reporting power in an intuitive online application — a one-stop OLAP solution for data aggregation, analysis, and visualization.

Navigate multi-dimensional data using hierarchies, text searches, and dimension selections. Easily tailor analysis and delivery solutions for your audience.

Perspective is a standalone tool built on Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, and can be extensively customized to meet your needs.

Product Highlights

  • Predefined and ad-hoc reporting
  • Tabular and graphic displays
  • Ad-hoc calculations
  • Sorting, ranking, filtering, and exception highlighting
  • Nest and drag-and-drop data manipulation
  • Intuitive drilldown and drill-through
  • Extensive descriptive metadata, including footnotes and summaries
  • Download to XLS, XML, and CSV
  • Multi-level security access
  • Download data for continued analysis in other environments
  • Minimal training
  • Highly customizable – please contact us for details

Our other powerful tools for working with numerical data include:

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Data Connection Wizard – A powerful tool for creating multi-dimensional data sets and data cubes directly from source databases

Publishers Edition – For people who aren't programmers – an application for creating, navigating, mapping, and distributing multi-dimensional data sets with ease

Add-on or stand-alone tools that make it easier to prepare and distribute complex data

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