Statistical & Analytical Features

Crime Data Browser

Sample custom report showing state-wide aggravated assaults by day of the week. (click to enlarge)

Crime Data Browser

Explore data more effectively using the Crime Data Browser. Its online user interface allows you to:

  • Manipulate views by dragging, dropping and nesting dimensions
  • Perform cross-tabulations
  • Add filters, sort, drill down, drill through, and aggregate data
  • Produce highly targeted reports
  • Perform in-depth analysis
  • Conduct detailed research
  • Choose from multiple output formats

You can also use the Crime Data Browser to make crime data available for other administrators, agencies and the public on three separate, user-friendly websites.

Crime Data Browser: Website Access

Each website displays reports tailored for the intended audience:

Public – for the general public – no login required. Researchers, journalists and the public will appreciate easy access to current, accurate data. Here’s the public site made available by the State of Tennessee.

Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) – for contributing agency administrators and analysts – login only. By allowing contributing agencies to view their crime data in a series of reports on the LEA site, states demonstrate the importance of reporting the data correctly and encourage consistent contribution

Administrator – for state-level repository administrators and auditors – login only

All website users can navigate the data using hierarchies, text searches and by filtering for specific dimensions.

Targeted, Accessible Reports

State crime data programs can package and organize targeted data in folders to make it more accessible and searchable for specific audiences.


Targeted, Accessible Reports

Sample targeted reports are arranged in folders for intuitive browsing. (click to enlarge)

Ad-Hoc Reporting

Sections of a sample report showing crimes by day of the week. (click to enlarge)

Ad Hoc Reporting

Use Crime Insight’s powerful ad hoc reporting to produce accurate, customized reports on targeted information.

Through a web-based interface, you can manipulate views, drag, drop and nest dimensions, perform cross tabulations, add filters, sort, drill down, drill through, and aggregate data to make it easier to analyze complex data from different perspectives. Customized views can be saved for later use.