Operational Features

Data Upload

In a few clicks, upload your monthly incident data file by ORI using the web-based repository front end. After file upload, the status column allows you to see progress of your file as it is validated against FBI NIBRS technical requirements.

Data Upload Interface

Data Upload Interface (click to enlarge)

File Status: Error Drill-Down

File Status: Error Drill-Down (click to enlarge)

File Status

View all submitted files if you’re a state administrator; view all agency-specific submissions if you’re an agency administrator.

Review the errors and warnings Crime Insight detected on any file by clicking through.

Drill down further into each error code for a detailed description and information about possible causes of the error.

Agency Submissions Report

Review what agencies have been submitting, identify trends in those submissions, and gather data that can be used to encourage more consistent contributions.

Agency Submissions Report

Reports are arranged in folders for intuitive browsing (click to enlarge)

Single Incident Report

Single Incident Report (click to enlarge)

Single Incident Report

Quickly access detailed information about any specific incident, including incident number, incident date, jurisdiction, and all related offense information.

Incident Editor

Easily edit, add or delete single incidents as required with Crime Insight – because even the most careful employee will occasionally make an entry error.

Smaller contributing agencies will find this feature especially useful as a cost-effective alternative to investing in a full NIBRS-compliant record management system (RMS).

Incident Editor (click to enlarge)

Data Status Report

Data Status Report (click to enlarge)

Data Status Report

View a consolidated list of all outstanding errors detected by Crime Insight and FBI-processed EDS files (system-wide if you’re a state administrator; agency-wide if you’re an agency administrator).

As issues are resolved by new file submissions or with the Incident Editor, they are removed from the list. Filter and sort errors by agency, date, error code, incident number, or type of issue.

Export data into multiple file formats including: Word, Excel, PDF and CSV.

QC Exceptions Report

Improve data quality control with the Agency QC Exceptions report, which collates anomalies and helps identify potential areas of concern where further dialog with the submitting agency may be required.

Anomalies are grouped by category, including Victim, Property, and Offense Type, so you can analyze agency-specific or aggregated state-wide issues. The required corrections can be made directly in the Crime Insight interface using the Incident Editor.

QC Exceptions Report

QC Exceptions Report (click to enlarge)

FBI Submission Interface

FBI Submission Interface (click to enlarge)

FBI Submission

In a few clicks, you can consolidate agency submissions as a NIBRS-compliant file and remit it to the FBI.

When the FBI provides the results of their validation process in an EDS (electronic data systems) file, upload the EDS file to view these errors on the Data Status page, together with errors found by Crime Insight.

User Management

State-level administrators control all user access, including roles and passwords. Administrators can also review all activity in the system according to user, time and actions performed.

User Management

User Management (click to enlarge)