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Our team of data modeling experts has been helping states manage NIBRS data with Crime Insight Reporting (formerly known as Crime Perspective) since 2004. Crime Insight is built upon our combined expertise in crime statistics, UCR, NIBRS, data modeling and statistical analysis.

In recognizing significant architectural deficiencies in most state repository systems, Beyond 20/20 added the Repository to Crime Insight in 2013 to make crime data collection and management easier and more useful.

By housing the data in a multi-dimensional structure and pairing it with well-designed, user-friendly interfaces, far more detailed, relevant, complex and efficient analysis becomes possible with Crime Insight.

Crime Insight from Beyond 20/20

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At Beyond 20/20, you’ll be solving interesting problems and have the opportunity to help develop products you can be proud of.  We offer competitive salaries and an incredible benefits package.

As an industry leader, we work hard to keep it that way – which means we strongly value both reliability and innovation. It’s a good balance that’s reflected in our office culture and in the people who work here. You’ll find the Beyond 20/20 team to be friendly, productive, and professionally supportive.

If you’re interested in working with us, you can submit your CV and cover letter to careers@beyond2020.com. We will contact qualified applicants.

About Beyond 20/20

Beyond 20/20 is a software and systems company providing comprehensive data aggregation and transformation solutions. Our primary focus is the collection and analysis of crime data. Our clients are American State Uniform Crime Reporting programs, who collect crime data from the hundreds of police departments within the state, process the information, and pass it on to the FBI.

Our Crime Insight product is the accepted leader in this market for State Repository systems, providing the tools for state agencies to collect and validate crime data submissions and manage the process overall. Crime Insight is primarily a database application, with ETL tools for processing and managing files, along with an OLAP data model for reporting and analysis. There are also two web applications used to interact with the system.