Crime Insight Product Diagram

Repository Web Interface

Agencies can:

  • Submit data files
  • Review and correct errors
  • Resubmit files

Administrators can:

  • Review and correct errors
  • Manage users
  • Review activity by user and date/time
  • Manage data elements

Crime Insight Repository

The Crime Insight Repository automatically:

  • Validates uploaded files
  • Converts files to FBI NIBRS format
  • Prepares files for submission to the FBI
  • Consolidates errors identified by Crime Insight and FBI

Crime Insight Reporting

Users of all three websites can:

  • Manipulate views by dragging, dropping and nesting dimensions
  • Perform cross-tabulations
  • Add filters, sort, drill down, drill through, and aggregate data
  • Produce highly targeted reports
  • Perform in-depth analysis
  • Conduct detailed research

The old adage, “a poor worker blames his tools” may be true in other fields—but at this level, with such vast quantities of data, even the most skilled statistician will tell you: a lot depends on the tools.