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Tap in to your data’s intelligence

Web Data Server

The Beyond 20/20 Web Data Server is a web-based environment for data distribution. It provides organizations of all sizes with easy-to-use environment for publishing complex, multi-dimensional data. Web Data Server enables users to easily access and analyze micro-data and multi-dimensional files. The results can be saved or downloaded without special training or client-side software.


Use Beyond 20/20 Web Data Server to give your clients the information they want, when they want it—no questions, no confusion.


Web Data Server: Product Highlights

  • Intuitive, multilingual user interface
  • Easy data manipulation using a standard web browser
  • Support for Beyond 20/20 micro-data and multi-dimensional data files, Adobe PDF, MS Word, and MS Excel
  • High-impact table, chart, and map views
  • Server-side software that is easy to install and maintain
  • Support for rich descriptive metadata at all report levels
  • Download capability that permits further analysis of data in local environments


Expert Data Analysis Built In

Web Data Server delivers the sum power of Beyond 20/20’s expertise in data modeling and statistical analysis. We have a proven ability to think about numbers in new and innovative ways, and our unique perspective and skill sets are the foundation of our product suite.


Complementary Tools

To extend the capabilities of Web Data Server, we also offer the tools required (Data Connection WizardPublisher's Edition) to build multi-dimensional data and micro-data files that can be published to Web Data Server, analyzed on the desktop using Beyond 20/20 Professional Browser, and disseminated on CD-ROM.


Please contact us for more information.