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Tap in to your data’s intelligence

Data Connection Wizard

The Beyond 20/20 Data Connection Wizard is a cube-building product that allows a user to prepare multi-dimensional data sets directly from the source database. Data Connection Wizard supports these source database formats:


  • Microsoft Access and SQL
  • Oracle and Sybase
  • Exported database files (.DBF)
  • Spreadsheets and text delimited files


Connection Wizard: Product Highlights

  • Easy to use, requires minimal training
  • Automated wizard steps users through—and allows them to save—the data-building process to be re-run for future updates
  • Can be used to build multi-dimensional data tables
  • Helps increase speed to production because the person who understands the data can also prepare it


Data Connection Wizard produces a Beyond 20/20 multi-dimensional cube file (.IVT) that can be viewed and manipulated over the web (using Web Data Server), or through a desktop application (using Professional Browser).


Expert Data Analysis

Wizard delivers the sum power of Beyond 20/20’s expertise in data modeling and statistical analysis. We have a proven ability to think about numbers in new and innovative ways, and our unique perspective and skill sets are the foundation of our product suite.


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