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Crime Perspective

The Beyond 20/20 Crime Perspective OLAP product suite provides web-based data collection, data aggregation, data analysis, and data visualization on state-wide crime data. Crime Perspective leverages our deep expertise in Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) data in both national incident-based reporting (NIBRS) and UCR Summary data formats.


Crime Perspective collects NIBRS data from contributing agencies and validates it to ensure that all records adhere to the strict FBI standards.  Detailed reports are available to contributing agencies and to the auditors to facilitate research into suspect entries.  Crime Perspective is designed to support both the FBI standard NIBRS definition and state-specific content and rules.  Valid records are converted to standard NIBRS and prepared for submission to the FBI.  UCR Summary data can be generated from the NIBRS data, allowing for integration with data from non-NIBRS agencies for a state-wide view of crime.


The Crime Perspective product suite includes a full multi-dimensional data model of the NIBRS data and includes our Perspective product, allowing for web-based ad-hoc reporting and analysis of crime statistics.


Crime Perspective makes data available on the web using an intuitive, zero-footprint browser. Minimal training is required to navigate data using hierarchies, text searches, and dimension selections. Content providers can easily tailor analysis and delivery solutions for their audiences.


Crime Perspective: Product Highlights

  • Web-based interface for submitting  NIBRS files with the click of a button; fully automated file processing
  • Can be run on internal network or public internet
  • Validates submitted files based on FBI and state-specific rules and provides immediate web-based feedback regarding errors to the agency and to the State
  • Converts submitted data from state-specific to UCR NIBRS format
  • Converts submitted data to UCR Summary format specified by the FBI
  • Automatically generates FBI submission file when triggered by administrators
  • Automatically processes FBI validation reports
  • Interactive reporting engine, fully adopted by numerous States
  • Offers state-level administrators full control over user access
  • Users can instantly view data in charts and maps to quickly spot trends and issues


Expert Data Analysis Built In

In addition to combining our expertise with crime statistics, UCR, and NIBRS, Crime Perspective delivers the sum power of Beyond 20/20’s expertise in data modeling and statistical analysis. We have a proven ability to think about numbers in new and innovative ways, and our unique perspective and skill sets are the foundation of this powerful product.


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