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Tap in to your data’s intelligence

Data Modelling

Since 1987, Beyond 20/20 has gained unique expertise through decades of experience with data modelling and statistical analysis. We’ve proven an ability to think about numbers in new and innovative ways, which typically always includes a user perspective, a “how to make this data accessible and easy to use” perspective. We have leant and apply various strategies and processes to transform voluminous and complex data into a form that can be more easily accessed, interpreted and used by your decision makers, data users, your data consumers, your data user community.


Beyond 20/20 statisticians, mathematicians, and other data experts work closely with customers to organize and summarize massive and complex data files. As data modellers, we are particularly expert in:


  • Dynamic calculations, supporting ad hoc user queries
  • Statistical calculations, either pre-calculated or dynamically applied to data selections, or both
  • Tabulation of data, correctly done so as to end up with correct data, even when dealing with dependant relationships, one-to-many and/or many-to-many relationships
  • Multi-dimensional aggregation from numerous sources, tables, cubes, without errors.
  • Non-linear and orthogonal data dimensions, such as time and geography


We provide consultation services, data modelling services, and custom solution development. Data modelling is often only the first step in a quest to present data in meaningful ways to users.