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Off line data distribution

Even in this Internet world, DVDs may still be the best way to archive, disseminate and distribute data to users when:


  • Dealing with large and very large data volumes
  • Users are geographically distributed nationally and internationally, especially when Internet access might not be consistent
  • When security and integrity of data must not be compromised especially by Internet viruses
  • When it is hard to justify the time and expense to operate and maintain a live data service
  • When you need a dependable, accessible archive of data at fixed points in time, especially when data changes over the years.
  • As part of a comprehensive data distribution strategy encompassing web based methods complemented by DVDs


Beyond 20/20's legacy and experience in disseminating and distributing data, initially on CD-ROMs and now on DVDs, is widely known and respected world-wide.


Beyond 2020 has developed, provides and supports a full set of products and tools for the creation and production of custom DVDs (and CDs) for data. The tools support automated production, customizable front end for data selection and branding, customizable look and feel, data manipulation software with extensive set of features. These features include, but not limited to metadata support, dynamic calculations, data suppression, data manipulation, save and export to multiple formats, calculated fields, map and charting integration.