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Tap in to your data’s intelligence

Data preparation and packaging

Building on Beyond 20/20's traditional and proven expertise in multi dimensional data, the company has developed a set of software tools to transform data for user reporting requirements.


The company has a unique core understanding and ability with the creation and manipulation of multi dimensional data sets and with the building of cubes. The company works with both multi-dimensional data models and with tabular models.


From this experience, the company has developed an extensive set of reusable data loaders, wizards, toolkits to create cubes, and automate the production of cubes, for SQL Server Analysis Services and for the company's proprietary IVT multidimensional data format.


As examples, Beyond 20/20 software tools support, but are not limited to, many-to-many relationships, denormalization, building hierarchies, on-the-fly aggregation, pre-defined analytics such as means, variances, standard deviations, as well as ad hoc calculations


The result of this step is a data model that is appropriate for diverse reporting needs, such as for data mining, for data visualization, for data exploration, for adhoc analysis, for dashboards, for web presentation and analysis, for off-line data distribution, for data dissemination and of course for extensive sets of standard reports including management and compliance reports.