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Tap in to your data’s intelligence

Custom Software Solutions

We deliver Custom Data Solutions to enable data users, data scientists, analysts, statisticians, economists, internal analysts and other end users can get the data they need, in the form they need, when they need it, without frustrating technical or usability hurdles.


Data Owners benefit with significant savings in costs and time to implement data solutions while delivering advanced functionality.


How does Beyond 20/20 do it? We’ve been delivering unique numerical data solutions to our customers since 1987. In addition to our experience gained over time, we’ve developed software platforms and tools for data aggregation, transformation and distribution. Though the platforms largely operate ‘out-of-the-box’ in default settings, a strength and uniqueness is that they are highly customizable and adaptable to address specific user requirements.


We love data challenges with complex, diverse, and voluminous data. We get great satisfaction in delivering data value for businesses and organizations.


Contact us to meet for exploratory discussion.