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Tap in to your data’s intelligence



“Can Beyond 20/20 Services address my data needs?”, you might ask.


As points of reference, current customers contacted us on a mix of the following reasons. Does any one of these apply to you?


    1.     Directors and their data users had little or diminishing confidence in their data. In some cases, they knew that they were looking at incorrect data because it was incorrectly tabulated, or improperly validated. In other cases, they knew that they were looking at incomplete data. In all cases, their decision making was comprised, they needed better data.

    2.     Databases or Data warehouses were rarely up to date with the most recent data in a timely fashion.

    3.     They were buried under the weight of user requests for data. There were too many data requests from users and too few resources to respond to them. All wanted more efficient access to data for internal staff, and most wanted self-serve data access for users over the Web - both public and password access

    4.     New datasets were becoming available, and they needed an effective way to access the data. They welcomed guidance and new options on how to implement systems to use new data, and to get them to the correct users.

    5.     Similar to the last point, they had unused datasets, which were increasingly seen as “dormant assets”, that they intuitively knew contained information that they needed.

    6.     Monthly and quarterly administrative reports were taking more and more person-years to produce, and were regularly late (“Why can’t I push a button and get these reports now?”)

    7.     They wanted new ways to look at data, either with mapping layers, new charts, new aggregations or tabulations, new statistical and dynamic calculations, new reports, dashboards, automatic data feeds are examples.

    8.     They wanted to more aggressively use their data for corporate advantage.


Can you relate to one or more of the above? We’d love to hear about it.


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