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Beyond 20/20 Releases Perspective 5.2

Beyond 20/20 Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of Beyond 20/20 Perspective 5.2, our next generation analysis and reporting product for Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2005, 2008 and 2008 R2.

This release (5.2) is now available for download. Please continue to read for a list of functionality.


For Site Administrators:

1.       The installation procedures has been updated and improved to simplify the installation.  Manual steps, specifically associated with the configuration of IIS, have been automated.


2.       Site Administrators now have control over the following functionality in Perspective


a.       Which, if any, of the four scaling functions are available to end users (multiply, divide, add, subtract).  For example, addition and subtraction may not be appropriate scaling functions for all data.


b.      Whether users are allowed to show microdata at the cell level.  If a cube is enabled for both drill-through and microdata, having both active at the cell level may be confusing to some users.  Administrators can configure microdata only for the whole report, leaving drill-through as the only option at the cell level.


c.       Whether users are allowed to select different label sets that may be available in the cube.  In addition, site administrators can specify whether or not the Key field for all dimensions should be considered a label.  These settings apply to all dimensions and cubes.


3.       The software has been optimized to work with SQL Server 2008R2.


For Users:


1.       When showing the results of a search, users can switch the views between a simple list of matching members and a hierarchical view that shows the results in the context of the full hierarchy in the dimension.


2.       On the member selection page, users can now click a button to view the members that are currently selected.  These are shown in the same hierarchical view as the new style of search results.  This functionality existed in older versions of Perspective, was removed in version 5.0, and brought back by popular demand.


3.       Improved the process of attaching notes when creating a new report.  The notes are now provided in the same screen as the selection of data source, folder name and report name.


4.       Users can now provide their own name for scaled measures, which may be useful in cases where the combined measure name and scale indicator are long and cumbersome.


5.       Users can now drill down into custom groups by clicking on the group name in the report view.  As with drilling down into pre-defined hierarchies, the entire dimension is replaced with the members of the group.


6.       Performance improvements have been made, particularly in the areas of sorting/ranking reports and downloading data.


For Cube Designers:


1.       The Extended Builder tool has an additional option when defining microdata actions:  the choice of the base measure for the microdata action.  Using this capability, microdata can be defined for multiple unrelated measure groups in a given cube.  These actions will be available to users at the cell-level regardless of which measure is applicable to the cell.