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Beyond 20/20 Releases Perspective 6.0

Beyond 20/20 Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of Beyond 20/20 Perspective 6.0, our next generation analysis and reporting product for Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012.


This release (6.0) is now available for download. Please continue to read for a list of functionality.


All users:


A. Reports List page:

Sorting: The display sort order on the My reports tab can be controlled by the Saved Date and the new Last Accessed Date.


B. Table View:

Rearrange Report: There is more control over how a report is presented using the Rearrange report dialog. The order in which the measures are presented can be specified and the order of the different member sets within a dimension can be defined (i.e. Members, Custom Groups, Time Series Sets, Calculated Members). Drag and Drop: This is now supported on the iPad. Suppression: Cell footnotes and missing values are now displayed, even when the option to suppress data is active. Email: Report definitions can be emailed and data can be downloaded to others. Import Report Definition: Report definitions can be imported when emailed by other Perspective users.


C. Report Contents:

Search: A dimension member search can be performed on the displayed set of labels (on the Members tab). Totals and Percentages: The Calculate values tab has been replaced by two selection tabs - Totals and Percentages. The percentage calculations are handled by the Percentages tab and all other calculations are handled by the Totals tab. There is also a Totals and percentages settings option in the Table options menu for controlling how these totals and percentages are treated within the report. Calculated Members: Arbitrary calculations can be performed on any dimension, except the Measures and Time Series dimensions. The formula used for the calculated member can consist of members from the same dimension, simple arithmetic operators, and numeric constants. (Parentheses can also be used as needed.) Sorting: Dimension members within a report can be sorted alphabetically by label or reverse sort. Selection Sets: Selections for a specific dimension can be saved and re-applied in other reports based on the same data source or on a different data source containing the same or similar dimension. Selection Sets include the selections, totals, percentages, custom groups, and custom calculations.


D. Microdata and Drillthrough:

Filters: Operators "IS NULL" and "IS NOT NULL" have been added to the drillthrough and microdata filters.


E. General

Feedback Form: An online form can be accessed to submit questions or problems about your Perspective application. Internet Explorer 10 and 11: Supported MetroTouch skin: Available for use with touch devices.



For System Administrators:


A. My Reports:

Administrators can save a report as private (on their own My reports tab) or public (for other users) Email: Mail server settings have been extended to allow emailing of report definitions and downloaded reports. Extended Builder: Wider dropdown boxes for the Footnotes and Missing Values columns have been implemented to accommodate longer fact table column names.


B. IP address:

This has been added to the Reports table in the Perspective Repository database to facilitate tracking of users that save/modify reports.


C. SQL Server Support:

Support for SQL Server 2012 (including the Tabular model) has been added (and support for SQL Server 2005 has been removed).


D. External member selection:

URLs that support the opening of a specific table or RS Report in Perspective have been extended to allow selections of single members along specified dimensions (in the case of a table), or to allow the specification of values for one or more parameters of an RS Report.