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Better Perspectives on Crime

Crime Statistics (NIBRS): Case Study

Since the 1930s, the United States has collected national crime statistics. Today, crime data is tracked using two primary systems: the original Universal Crime Reporting (UCR) system and the newer, more detailed National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS). Each month, law-enforcement agencies submit NIBRS files to the state; the state collects and validates the information for submission to the FBI.


States are therefore focused on collecting and reporting on national and local crime data, but often find it difficult to generate ad hoc reports on demand—such as those required by media and the public.


Beyond 20/20 has worked with a number of state-level law-enforcement agencies (TN, VT, MA, NH, SC, CO, MT, ND...) to make NIBRS-standard crime statistics available to the public via the web.



  • While UCR and NIBRS are national systems, individual law enforcement agencies and states collect data in slightly different ways—for example, the TIBRS system in Tennessee
  • States can spend a great deal of time auditing and cleaning the data they receive from the agencies
  • It can take weeks for a state to compile all of the data to provide to stakeholders


Beyond 20/20 Solution:

  • Many states now use Perspective to provide self-service NIBRS query and reporting to the public, over the web
  • The solution empowers states to filter, audit, and validate data internally before it is published to the public
  • The solution provides up-to-date NIBRS data on a daily basis
  • Users can save queries and re-run favourite queries each month with updated data
  • State-specific concerns are accommodated through easily customizable extensions (state-specific fields)
  • Data processing and updates are automated, providing a repeatable, reliable, and efficient process
  • Mapping features out-of-the-box


We continue to enhance our NIBRS crime statistics solution. Recent enhancements include:

  • A cloud-based service that allows multiple states to compare data
  • A NIBRS repository built in to the system, eliminating the need for separate software to conduct collection and submission
  • Enhanced dashboards for “at-a-glance” data intelligence