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Health Statistics

Health agencies collect, publish and distribute a wide range of health statistics to a broad audience that includes medical researchers, media, and the general public. Beyond 20/20 solutions enable these organizations to satisfy the information needs of their users by delivering interactive analytics capabilities in standard web interfaces. 


In contrast to using static reports, we enable these agencies’ users to interact with dynamic tables and charts, drill down to specific data, and create custom reports that answer specific questions.


Since 1987, Beyond 20/20 solutions have been widely deployed for publishers of health data in a variety of health and medical organizations:

  • Read about how we are helping microsimulation labs to update legacy statistical modeling tools for web-based data distribution. Read Story ...


Beyond 20/20 is expert in data modeling and statistical analysis. We have a proven ability to think about numbers in new and innovative ways, and our unique perspective and skill sets are the foundation of all of our solutions.


We invite you to contact us to discuss your needs for health statistics data aggregation and data distribution.