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Tap in to your data’s intelligence

Customer Benefits

The more complex, diverse, and voluminous the data sets, the greater the value we deliver to customers. Using our products and turnkey solutions, organizations, agencies, and corporations can:


Give their users answers
Users and stakeholders get timely data intelligence and verified statistics—when and how they need it. With Beyond 20/20, there’s no need for a crystal ball to anticipate stakeholder queries or prepare a set of static reports (although that’s possible, too). Instead, we enable data users to freely interact with published datasets and compose reports that specifically answer their questions.

  • CIOs, CMOs, Project Managers, Statistical Directors gain confidence that they are uncovering the intelligence buried in organization’s rapidly expanding data for better decisions and maximum value
  • Data scientists are empowered to freely interact with published datasets and compose the exact reports they need.
  • Information officers and spokespersons are empowered to provide timely, accurate, and contextual information to stakeholders and the public.


Build users’ trust
Users can access critical information derived from relevant, up-to-date, and verified data. We automate data updates—no matter what the data sources—to ensure that users access data they can trust. Our solutions also accommodate individual privacy without impeding the accuracy of the data aggregation and reliability of the resulting analysis.

  • Data scientists can perform their work based on accurate and up-to-date data without needing to chase down timely and complete reports.
  • Information officers and spokespersons can communicate information to stakeholders with confidence and the correct amount of context and detail required.


Discover opportunities and outperform objectives
Users and stakeholders can meaningfully access data that is transparently aggregated from a variety of sources—including both internal and external data sets, and across tools. Our products and solutions work with Oracle, SQL Server, SDMX, and more. By easily accessing data intelligence when and where they need it, users can tap into the knowledge and opportunities that these complex data sets contain. This empowers users with information they can use to outperform business and operational objectives.

  • Stakeholders can gain valuable insight to guide decision-making and set objectives.
  • Data scientists can provide powerful information and data-based guidance to decision-makers.
  • Information officers and spokespersons can effectively communicate benchmarks and performance.