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Tap in to your data’s intelligence

About Beyond 20/20

Beyond 20/20 provides the owners and managers of complex data sets with tools to verify, transform, aggregate, and distribute data. These include data aggregation, data distribution, and data visualization solutions. Using our solutions, customers increase data relevance and value, obtain timely answers, discover new insights and opportunities, and outperform business and operational objectives.


Our customers include director statisticians, project managers, information managers, innovation officers, information officers, metrics managers, and others who need to tap into the knowledge and opportunities that their complex data sets contain.


We know that the more complex, diverse, and voluminous data is, the greater opportunities it holds for businesses and organizations. Our comprehensive data aggregation and transformation solutions deliver those opportunities to end users when and where they need it, without frustrating technical or usability hurdles. Beyond 20/20 is expert in data modeling and statistical analysis. We have a proven ability to think about numbers in new and innovative ways, and our unique perspective and skill sets are the foundation of all of our solutions.


Since 1995, we’ve proven that there’s really nothing we can’t do with data—please contact us to discuss your challenges and to tap in to your data’s intelligence